Biological Old Regime Essay

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1. What was “the biological old regime” and how did it arise from the intention of agricultural? The biological old regime was a period in Europe that lasted until the middle of the nineteenth century. During the biological old regime, the death rates were high and the birth rates were low. With the invention of agriculture and the domestication of animals, the diet of a person, mostly consisted of carbohydrates and little protein. Poor nutrition led to the rise in the age of the first menstruation, shrinking the window of conception. Poor disposable of waste led to disease and death. 2. How did the religion of the ancient Israel differ from that of the other ancient societies, and how did it influence the later development of Christianity?…show more content…
Their god Yahweh had ultimate power, instead of believing that the god might serve you from only rituals and sacrifice, his followers also had to perform good deeds also known as the Ethical Behavior. The Israelis also lived by the Mosaic Code of Law, which had certain features such as an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This led to Christianity because of the believe in only one god and committing good deeds to receive help and eternal life. 3. Why did Sparta develop into a conservative military state? The Spartans developed into a conservative military for many reasons. They were able to conquer land and in the progress captured slaved. The Spartans were surrounded by enemies and outnumbered 10-1 ratio. This led to a constant fear and intercurrence . The Spartans were able to become agriculturally independent and trade was
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