Biological Race Essay

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It is the aim of this research to investigate how race matters, biologically and/or socially to an individual or group. Its enhanced through critical engagement with an argumentative approach. Bringing these two perspectives from race together seems valid for a number of reasons. Biology and social constructivist approach on race, sharing priorities, including attention to context, ambiguity, relationships, interdependence, and a commitment to human fairness. Beginning with the biological term defined as a living process allied to genetic and other vital organisms or cell groups, in relationship with life. Second, the social meaning marked by human interaction within members or groups forming a society. Third, the context of race, a word of…show more content…
Based on Richard Lewontin’s article the scientific consensus regarding total human genetic variation between races, there is a smallest inter-racial distinction compromising “about 7 % of the total genetic variation in the human species” (as cited in Sesardic, 2010, p.148). Yet, philosophers such as Machery and Faucher…show more content…
Historically, biological race has been interpreted in more than one way. First as ‘race is a natural kind in biology’ addressed by theorists who defined natural as real. An example of paradigm opinion in this matter was Robin Andresen in 2000, at his view of race needed to be ‘natural kind’ in order to exist in biology realm. Furthermore, natural kind exist objectively and independently of human activities. Second was the view of Ronald Sundstrom as ‘race is a real biological kind’ being independently of human interest, where members are united by biological relation, for example, the same lines of descent (Spencer 2012). There are many versions of biological racial perspective, for the purpose of this research, two different approaches were presented by the

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