Biological View Of Race Essay

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A very controversial topic of discussion today involves the difference between the biological and social view of race. The biological view sees a population according to traits that are passed down biologically, this is where the term “race” comes from. It would be somewhat accurate to say that people from different parts of the world have some differences biologically. The issue in this argument is found when people see that there may be some differences biologically but try to segregate them into fixed categories. What is found by this is that by assessing this biology and peoples' appearance, you can categorize them into a specific race. I believe that this is a misguided view because race does not fall so easily into set categories, there…show more content…
An argument based on the biological view of race would be formed around a specific population that are less wealthy because it is “in their genes”. This view was common in the nineteenth century, as a slave owner, Thomas Jefferson was found to think this way. On the other hand, An argument made by a cultural racist would claim that it is their culture that doesn’t teach them the “right way”. This form of racism is popular amongst media today. This view focuses on the differences passed down through socialization of an ethnic group or religion. In my opinion the poverty that some minority groups face has more to do with the personal situation of the individual and the discrimination they face, rather than anything either biologically or culturally inherited. I believe that the concept of race is socially constructed. Often times the words social construct is thrown around in discussion and work without being defined or understood. I believe that understanding what is meant by race in terms of it being a social construct is vital to realizing the capacity race has to affect other parts of society and life in
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