Girl Child Observation

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0:05 (Ch.1) Picks up a small cup dipping into water and emptying, she then picks up a smaller container repeating the same action. Ch.1 states “This is a tiny cup, this is tiny cup” She scoops water from small cup into a slightly larger container. Ch.1 observes another child standing to her left complete a similar process. Ch.1 is holding a purple plastic scraper in her left hand.

0:17 (Ch.1) is asked by the Ed. “how many should we do, this is one, two scoops?” regarding filling the larger container. Ch.1 did not answer as she was focusing on the task of scooping water into container until it was full. Once water was scooped Ch.1 looked at educator with a non-verbal response. Purple scraper remains in left hand.

0:26 (Ch.1) the
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The larger container fell back into the pool and she missed. Analysis
Ch.1 makes a comparison between the small container and smaller container, using capacity notices that the volume of water from different sizes containers differs. Informal units of measure are introduced through the different sized containers.

Ch.1 displays the ability of synchronisation being able to pour scoops of water into the larger container while the educator is counting. One-to-one correspondence is also displayed. The Ed. is asking Ch.1 to use estimating to decide on how many scoops of water would be needed to fill the larger container.
Ch.1 changes her position to view the full container of water. The Ed. notes the surface of the water level the is higher than container. Holding the plastic scraper, Ch.1 attempts to position this to remove the excess water but changes her

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