A Turtle's Tale Film Analysis

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There are many instances where biology is both correctly and incorrectly displayed in the media. Through the use of animation movies mostly, biologists are able to spread awareness of important problems occurring in both the ocean and on land that effect animals and their habitats. The movie A Turtle’s Tale explores the life cycle of sea turtles; from when they are first born and the difficulties they face getting to the ocean to when they lay their own eggs. A Turtle’s Tale shows Sammy, a hatchling who travels the sea in search of his love, which shows how a turtle responds to difficulties in the ocean. This movie also shows how global warming is changing the oceans and affecting the animals that live there. Global warming isn’t the only issue that the movie incorporates; pollution is shown in the movie when Sammy is swimming on the surface to then have a plastic bag stick to his head suffocating him. A turtle’s tale is a great example of when biology is shown both correctly and incorrectly through the use of animation. In the movie there are many forms of adaptations shown through the different characters and animals in the ocean. A major physiological adaptation that is shown is through the character slim, an octopus who can camouflage into his…show more content…
A structural adaptation is defined as “physical features of an organism like the wings on a bird”. This adaptation is correctly shown in the movie in many instances, when the turtles are swimming away from sharks it shows their flippers enabling them to move fast and when Sammy gets helped by the humans on land it also shows how slow sea turtles move when they are not in the
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