Biology Lab Report Essay

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Throughout this lab many things were concluded about cells, organelles and biology all together. A biologist needs to be patient, careful and accurate. In addition when looking at cells, to see all the organelles, being careful will help significantly and being patient will make it easier to see the cells on a high power lens. One thing that was concluded in both experiments is that in each different organism and cell there was a different quantity of organelle unlike the diagrams in the textbook. The last thing that was concluded is that no two organisms are the same. During the lab, looking at a cheek cell there was a lot of food as expected in this lab. Another thing that was concluded is that in cheek cells there were more mitochondria than other organelles. Two organelles that were not visible were the…show more content…
In onion cells there are many things that can be seen. One organelle that was not seen was chloroplasts. Normally it is expected to see chloroplasts in a plant or even a plant cell but because onion are not green you could not see any of the chloroplasts. One other thing that could be concluded was that when the iodine was on the onion cell itself it becomes more difficult to see the colors of the onion organelles themselves. Throughout the lab there were many errors. One was when too much iodine was put on the cheek and onion cell, making it harder to see. Another error was that the slide had bacteria from hands because the slide was not carried correctly. It is important to carry the microscope correctly to avoid other cells making it harder to see the onion cells. Another improvement using the microscope more efficiently, making the cells visible more quickly. To have been better prepared for the science lab it would have been best to make the field of view sheet the night before the lab and it have been good to review notes from previous classes so that the observations could be
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