Biology: 'One Long Argument'

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Biology 3T Classes 19, 21 Mayr, “One Long Argument”, chapters 1-4, 6 Post your answers to these questions on Blackboard before Class 19 Chapter 1 • What did you find out about Darwin in this chapter? • Darwin believed that all life had a common origin. His areas of interest and expertise extended beyond evolution, from animal psychology to the study of barnacles. • Whose ideas influenced Darwin? • He was greatly influenced by Charles Lyell. • Why did it take so long for Darwin to publish “Origin”, and what finally prompted its publication in 1859? • He was more focused on continuing his graduate courses for researching barnacles, which proved to be great experiences in preparation of completing his book. • What was Darwin’s…show more content…
• What is speciation? • The emergence of a new, reproductively isolated population. • How does speciation occur? Is there more than one mechanism for speciation? Chapter 4 • What are Darwin’s 5 theories of his evolutionary paradigm? • 1- “evolution as such” (the world is not constant), 2- “common descent”, 3- “multiplication of species”, 4- “gradualism”, 5- “natural selection”. • What were the beliefs that Darwin’s theories challenged? • 1- Belief in a constant world. 2- Belief in a created world. 3- Belief in a world designed by a wise and benign Creator. 4- Belief in the unique position of man in the creation. 5- Belief in the philosophy of essentialism. 6- Belief in an interpretation of the casual processes of nature as they had been elaborated by the physicists. 7- Belief in "final causes" • What were the external factors that influenced the acceptance of Darwin’s theories? • Socioeconomic and ideological factors • What is “population thinking” and how did that differ from essentialism? • It emphasized the role of the individual in evolution. • What influenced Darwin’s move toward gradualism? • His concept of variational evolution. Chapter
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