Pros And Cons Of Biomass Energy

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We have used biomass energy, also known as bioenergy for thousands of years. In November 2006, hydro was the most widely used renewable energy fuel for electricity production in the United States, following that came biomass. In 2010, biomass provided about 4% of the energy used in the US.Out of this 4% of biomass energy, about 46% was from wood and wood-derived biomass, bout 43% was from biofuels, lastly, about 11% was from municipal waste. Although biomass energy is a really helpful and renewable energy, it cannot solve global warming issues because we need to burn materials in the process.
Nobody really noticed things about biomass power until recently, it started to produce large amount of energy comparing to wind energy and solar energy. Biomass fuels are the plant material and animal waste, it is also the oldest source of renewable energy. There are sustainable low-carbon biomass power and without sustainable biomass power. Sustainable low-carbon biomass power can provides more energy and can avoid from huge impacts of global warming. On the other hand, low-carbon biomass power without sustainability are more expansive and took longer time to clean the energy economy. Some ways to convert biomass to biopower are direct combustion,
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The first one is renewable. Biomass fuels are manure or garbage, which will never disappear on the world. The second one is because biomass if part of the carbon cycle. Carbon stays in the atmosphere, when the plant is doing photosynthesis, carbon will go into the plant. After carbon goes into the plant, the plant will become biomass fuels someday, which means the carbon goes back to the atmosphere because of the heat during the process. This is also one of the biggest advantages of biomass. The other one is effective. Comparing to the other energy, biomass is pretty cheap, which can help the country to save money. The last one is that biomass is available all over the

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