Biomaterials Case Study

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Introduction The study of biomaterials science involves the application of materials to problems in biology and medicine. Biomaterials are widely used in medical applications, being synthetic materials or modified natural materials in medicine. Some examples of biomaterials applications are dental implants, artificial hip joints and artificial heart valves. Although the implantation of artificial materials had started more than 2000 years ago, where the Romans, Chinese and Aztec used gold in dentistry, it still raises ethical issues in these days. [1] Ethics basically helped human to make decisions, that is the decisions occur by altering technology. There are four stages involved in ethical issues development, which are threshold, conflict,…show more content…
Second transplant means that the patient had undergone a transplantation before, but the organ begins to fail after several years and require a new transplant. For instance, a young man that has received a transplantation years ago having failure of organ after some time, queuing for the waiting list again. An elderly woman requires the same transplant but having her name after the young man. The issue here is that who should be the one that receives the transplantation, should the elderly woman receives the organ instead of the young man that performed the surgery before, or she has to follow the waiting list? Moreover, there are arguments on whether those that have a non-healthy lifestyle such as smoking and drinking should be given chances for transplantation of organ. Although there should be no one that can determine the life of anyone, there is some ethicist claim that it is vital to decide a person's individual value for organ transplant. [4] Rate of success is also one of the issue for the waiting list of organ transplant. The issue is the way of viewing the likelihood of success on patients, whether it is based on how long the patient can lives after the transplant, or based on other factors? Every patient's life is as precious as one another, regardless of the age and gender, they should deserve the same treatment.
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