Biomechanic Analysis: Lachlan Geisler's Jump Shot

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Stage 1 Sport science Biomechanics integrated task Lachlan Geisler V Ray Allen Basketball Jumps Shot The following assignment will explore the biomechanical similarities between Ray Allen’s jump shot And Lachlan Geisler’s jump shot. The jump shot will be broken down into 6 different steps. Standing start, bend knees, Upward motion, set point, Release and, Follow through 4. Set point 5. Release 6. Follow through Each step will be analysed and compared. 1. Standing start 2. Bend knees 3. Upward motion Analysis Similarities between the two The first similarity that stands out is in the standing start with the initial ball handling. Both shooters hold the ball on the left side of their body around waist height. This is to allow enough time to pull up to provide high and power to their shot. The next similarity is in the upward motion. Both shooters have their arms with an approximate angle of 90 degrees and about a balls width away from their face. Both shooters show similarities in the set point with both their arms being at an angle of around 90 degrees. Both shooters maintain the 90-degree angle of the arms all the way through the jump shot. Similarities continue through the release as the arm in contact with the ball stay at the approximate angle of 90…show more content…
The ball and the player in the jumping motion. When a player shoots, their aim is to release the balla s close as possible to the apex of there jump. At the apex of a player jump there is virtually no forward or upward/downward speed which could affect the players judgement of home much force is required to make the shot. The verticle volcity of the body contributes to the verticle elocity of the ball. The verticle velocity of the body allows a player to propel the ball higher that then optimal angle of relase resulting in a higher chance of relasing the ball at an agle of around 0 degrees and scoring the

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