Biomedica Personal Statement

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A cube seen from only one side is a square. I have spent twelve years of my life in the same institution and had a small but well-loved group of friends. In contrast, a close friend of mine attended three different schools in the same time, and I saw how that affected him, he was more social, friendly and empathetic. Looking back I now realize that I need to learn how to be more outgoing to better my communication skills as life presents us new challenges and working well with others is an integral part to solving them. I came to the United States to both see the world from another perspective and reflect upon the different ideologies and thought processes that have developed in the presence of such a great number of differing cultures. I am transferring to broaden my horizon, by moving to a new university I hope to see these ideologies and meet new people from different backgrounds.The large number of organisations and clubs on campus additionally reinforces that point and also gives me the opportunity to go ahead and engage with students and faculty. By reaching out to a diverse populace of students and faculty I hope to further my knowledge in biomedical engineering. Furthermore I will apply myself to find and commit to research opportunities. I have always been fascinated with the science behind biotechnology and biomechanics.…show more content…
To see the world is to see more than just a square and to be a well-rounded and 3 dimensional person it is important to have your ideas challenged, your beliefs shattered and your mind broadened. We stand upon the threshold of the future and by applying myself to any new learning opportunities that come my way and dedicating myself to research and development of new ideas I will see the endless possibilities of the future of my
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