Biomedical Career Essay

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A biomedical career that I found interesting is a neurologist. This profession is connected to neurology, which is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders in the nervous system, focusing on the brain and the spinal cord. Some similar careers are: Psychiatrist, Neurosurgeon, Biological Psychologist, etc. Neurologists diagnose and treat people with an array of disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer 's, epilepsy, and much more. Neurologists can prescribe medication to patients, but if one requires surgery, they will refer them to a neurosurgeon. I thought it’d be captivating to be a neurologist, because I would like to help people and work with the nervous system at the same time. Neurologists need lots of education and training to successfully study and treat disorders in the nervous system. In total, neurologists need 8 years of education, which includes four years of premedical education in a college or university to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, and four years of medical school resulting in an M.D. or D.O. degree (doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy degree). In high school, it’s recommended to take all the mathematics and science…show more content…
After finishing my education and training, I would like to start out as an neurologist at a local hospital, usually working 40 hours a week and often during irregular hours of the day. The potential for high income is present in this career. It can be emotionally and physically challenging, but there is great reward in improving people 's ' health and saving people 's ' lives. Neurologists will need strong communication and leadership skills, attention to detail, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, patience, empathy, and knowledge of human anatomy and the nervous system. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for all other physicians and surgeons, including neurologists, was $197,700 as of May 2015. Possibly in the future, I could work my way up and end up working at Mayo
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