Biomedical Career Statement

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Biomedical Science is dynamic and ever-changing hence offers exciting career opportunities in specialist laboratory work, consultant work, research, education and management while serving the human society. Being a curious person having some knowledge about biology have always been interested in human body and always wanted to know how the complex and diverse mechanism of human body work to enable an individual function properly from simple cells combining together to form tissues, organs and then entire human body, its truely a wonder of nature. And my goal is to understand to the fullest of my capacity. I believe that being able to pursue a career in biomedical science will help me in reaching this goal.

I, Ritika Bharti, born in punjab,
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I have always been fascinated by biology, especially in the human body. pursuing a career in biomedical science will help to enhance my potential knowlegde and skills in both science and engineering. Being interested in the human body and science, I believe that this is a great advantage for me to pursue a degree in biomedical…show more content…
Afterall, to study in a university like deakin is like icing on the cake as it is one of the Australia's fast developing young university. The university is known for its great reputation and deakin is in top 2% in global rankings and above all, 89% of deakin reseach is rated above world class and as a student i find so much flexibility in my course as the course include 6 majors and 3 electives so i could have a great number of options and can choose any of them in which i have interest. however, university provides world class facilities, research teaching as well as employbility. it also provides so many scholarship to the international student so it seems like they really want to help students that are studying in their university. All in all, studying biomedical science in a university like deakin would be very exciting, knowledgeable and rewarding for me.

upon the completion of my course, i would like to come back to my home country, India and can enter a vast number of health related industries including medical research, genetic engineering and labortary technology. and if i get a chance i would like to advance to honours or postgraduate studies, either in more specialised areas of biomedical
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