Biomedical Engineering Camp Research Paper

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I believe that HITES12 will be a very fun and educational camp. This last engineering camp will improve my understanding of my chosen career field, biomedical engineering. I think this camp could be beneficial to me in several ways, so I am eager to attend. I believe that I am well-suited to attend this camp because I am determined, work hard, and want to make the world better. To begin with, attending the past engineering camps are some significant events in my life that have made me want to be an engineer. All the camps I have attended have been extremely informative and super fun. Participating in the experiments and projects at camp have helped make the decision of what I want to be. I remember attending my first engineering camp, MITES8, and having a blast. I immediately knew I wanted to be an engineer, so I have attended each camp in order gain more of knowledge of each field of…show more content…
My ideal job would be either in a hospital or doctor clinic, and I would love working one on one with the patients. I am interested in designing and building prosthetic organs and limbs. I am also interested in developing and testing new medicines, as well as building equipment and programs for medical diagnosis and procedures. I would love to be able to see my work affecting and improving others’ lives. My top 3 choices for engineering schools are UTK, Georgia Tech, and Vanderbilt University. One main reason for choosing these schools is because they each offer degrees up to a Ph.D. I am applying to UTK because I know it is a great school and has amazing professors. I love the campus and believe it would be a great school for me. I plan to apply to Georgia Tech because it is a huge well-known engineering school, and I believe it would provide me with many opportunities for growth. I also plan to apply to Vanderbilt because it would be amazing to attend such a prestigious college for engineering
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