Why Become A Biomedical Engineer Essay

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I enjoy engineering, in fact when I get older I want to become a biomedical engineer. I want to be able to help people. As well as find solutions to help people in their everyday lives. So that hopefully it would make life easier and less stressful for them. I enjoy all the problem solving that comes with engineering. I like having to find the solution when there is a problem with your design. Or even finding the solution to fix something that has now become old or broken. I enjoy working on different types of projects and learning new things, such as the mousetrap car, ten 80, balsawood bridge and or the water bottle rocket. All these projects are different in many ways and through working on each of these projects, I have gained new and different skills as well as an understanding of new and different things. I enjoyed working on the water bottle rocket, mousetrap car, and Balsawood Bridge they were all very fun and interesting projects to do. I learned a lot from the projects and I had a lot of fun doing each project. I liked working on the drawing for the different projects because it was like seeing my project on the drawing board come to life. I also enjoy going through the trial and error part when doing a project because it helps you to learn more and make an even…show more content…
Also I believe that this school has also helped me to know what path to go on in my journey of becoming an engineer. This school has helped me learn what courses that I should take as well as what path to go in when it comes to being an engineer. I really enjoy engineering and I hope that when I grow up I will be able to reach my goal of becoming a biomedical engineer. I believe that when I become a biomedical engineer I would be able to create things for people all over the
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