Academic Integrity And Plagiarism Essay

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Dept of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

CFD Lab BME402

Student Name Student ID Number: AASHRAY JHA 17232641

Assignment Number & Title: 1
Submission Date: 8th OCTOBER 2017

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
Plagiarism is the act of copying, including or directly quoting from, the work of another without adequate acknowledgement. All work submitted by students for assessment purposes is accepted on the understanding that it is their own work and written in their own words except where explicitly referenced using the correct format. For example, you must NOT copy information, ideas, portions of text, figures, designs, CAD drawings, computer programs, etc. from anywhere without giving a reference to the source. Sources include the internet, other students’ work, books, journal articles, etc.
You must a ensure that you have read the University Regulations relating to plagiarism, which can be found on the NUIG website:
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To define a basic mesh the following factors must be considered:
1. The sizing of the individual elements.
2. The inflation of the arterial wall. The mesh is created using the default values for this problem as specified in the manual . First layer height is set to 0.0001m. By pressing the update button a mesh is now formed on the geometry.
The final step of the analysis is to define the setup including the inputs and outputs of the system. For models the setting is set as viscous and laminar flow. The fluid material used in this case is water. The cell zone conditions must now be converted from air to the liquid water. A boundary condition is created at the inlet surface as a velocity magnitude of 0.2m/s. The velocity is set to 0.2m/s, which represents the blood flow along the cylinder. Finally, the simulation can be performed using the run calculation tool. The number of iterations in this is set to 1000.

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