Biomedical Engineering Pros And Cons

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Many people in life are born without a specific body part or even lose it. Throughout years and decades people found a way to modify peoples’ losses. Technology has advanced in the health department which leads into biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. It combines the problem solving skills of engineering with the medical field and biological science to help advance health care treatment such as therapy, diagnosis, and monitoring. Biomedical engineering has helped by advancing medical equipment and by making prosthetic limbs for those who have lost body parts. Genetic engineering is the modification of the characteristics…show more content…
Prosthetic arms and legs give people the advantage of living a normal life without being less fortunate. For example, if someone is trying to attack you, and you only have 1 arm it’s not that much you can do to protect yourself. Or if a person is being chased, how would they be able to run away with one leg? Sometimes we may not think of all the possibilities of these event, but if they occur they can be well prepared. As the doctors are measuring the person’s amputations, it gives them a renewed hope that they can lead a normal life. Prosthetic arms or legs helps with well-being also. When creating the prosthetic limbs there are risks. One of which would be as the technician is cutting the mold, something could go wrong. For instance, the cutting machine would process the cast incorrectly and cause discomfort for the patient. They’re pro and cons for prosthetic limbs, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Overall biomedical engineering in general is a thriving technology that will advance the world more than it ever has. As it continues to grow more things have been developed to help human’s live easier and more stable lives. In the future we can look forward to better prosthetic limbs in the area of natural feeling and physical appearance that can help in health and
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