Careers In Software Engineering

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Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design and building of machines and structure, this is the way that most people would describe engineering. But truly at the core of engineering, it is a field that is dealing with research and development in order to build and improve the society. The idea of what we now call engineering existed since people have created things to help make their lives better. It has evolved over the years as societies advanced. These advancements came with the improvement and application of technology, a specific example of this occurred during the Industrial Revolution. The inventions and innovations that were built and made have already affected the top fields of engineering, and…show more content…
A software engineer develops computer software, they apply engineering principles to every stage of the development process to create customized systems for individual clients. Software engineering is considered to be for those who enjoy technical and scientific topics. Unlike aerospace engineering, the field of software engineering is anticipated to have a growth rate of 30 percent from 2010 to 2020 by author, Bonnie Szumski of Careers in Engineering. This field is one of the more recent developing fields, especially with the advancement of electronic hardware in robotics and automation. Along with solving problems, the engineer would be creating new and more effective algorithms to solve problems each…show more content…
The training of civil engineering is one example of how the tools and teaching process have improved with new technology. For example, in the past civil engineering began with the students drawing by hand the plans and indicating the measurements and specifications needed to design and construct public and private works on paper. Today, civil engineering students learn how to use different design software to design, improve or build structures. In the early 1900s, students graduating from engineering programs were very well trained for their specific discipline, but lacked the communication skills and experience in the field to properly use their knowledge. “New graduates were technically well prepared but lacked the professional skills for success in a competitive, innovative, global marketplace.” (Lattuca) Due to the ongoing war effort of the time period, most engineers went into government and military positions. During the time period of the mid 1900s, society was more involved with the further development in defense related technologies during and after war. “Economic shifts from defense to commercial applications left engineering employers dissatisfied.” (Lattuca).The dissatisfaction mentioned was because the engineering students had not received training on communication and
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