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Introduction: Human life is governed by superior powers or laws, whether they are natural, religious, political, social, and most importantly ethical. Ethics, as defined in the Webster dictionary, are the set of rules governing our behavior on the basis of what is considered to be good or bad act (Webster Dictionary, 2004) . Biomedical ethics is the field of ethics dealing with medicine in its two fields: research and application or medical practice. Abortion is one of the controversial medical practices that has been widely discussed in bioethics. Abortion is the induced termination of pregnancy by ending the life of an embryo or fetus in the uterus during pregnancy through surgical procedures (Oxford Reference). Nowadays, there is difference…show more content…
There are several ethical issues included in any abortion discussion I will be mentioning some of them in this paper.
A- Mother versus fetus rights Based on your point of view, abortion can be assessed from two opposite angles. The first one considers killing the life of an innocent human being, the child, as a wrong act and since the fetus is innocent human being this means it’s wrong to kill him. The second argument will then be, any being that lack moral sense requirements is not a human being, and fetuses lack essential characteristics for moral humanity, then it isn’t wrong to kill him. Taking into consideration the two parts (mother and child) as separate entities one would notice:
 Right of pregnant female to choose. In this field the mother’s autonomy as a rational creature is used to justify the claim. So, the mother is free to choose what to do with her own body as well as to make decisions such as when to end a pregnancy and this decision must be respected and not argued. The autonomous nature of mother is being highly conserved especially when she is signing a consent. This consent provide her thorough understanding of the procedure and possible complications emerging due to it. So, the pregnant female will understand the available choices and because she is doing it intentionally with no constraints, neither internal nor external then she is having her freedom and behaving in an autonomous

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