Biostatistics In Biomedical Research

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Introduction The topic that will be discussed is biometry/biostatistics. Biostatistics encompasses a lot of different fields put together. It is important in medicine, pharmacy, agricultural and fishery. It is useful because combines two subjects together(Biology and Mathematic), not only that, it is also used to improve different assortments of analytical methods. Biological Perspective of Biostatistics and It's Foundation Biostatistics is a theory and methodology for the acquisition and use of quantitative evidence in biomedical research (i.e. biomedical sciences.) Biostatisticians develop innovative designs and analytic methods targeted at increasing available information, improving the relevance and validity of statistical analyses,…show more content…
The result of the study was that use of HRT was stopped because of the negative events that took place to early into the study. But the important thing to look at here is the way statistics was used to quantify a decision. If the trial for HRT would have been cut short then we wouldn't have full information, but if the study would have continued then that would cause harm to a lot of people. This experiment is an important example because the decision was made on the statistical measure of probability that determined whether there was enough evidence that was gathered to make a decision to the stop the trial or keep it…show more content…
In that year an neonatal(relating to infants) intensive care center published the results of a trial comparing a standard treatment and a promising new extracorporeal membrane oxygenation treatment(ECMO) for newborn infants with severe respiratory failure.(Royal Statistical Science 1991, Volume 6) At the time this was considered a very promising project and that it would be a revolutionary discovery. Today it is a standard procedure. The problem at the time was that it was very difficult to conduct a trial for an experiment with obvious potential benefits. So what statisticians did was they came up with a specifically designed randomized scale where one infant was given the control therapy. This experiment and the one above shows how statistics plays an account in making public health decisions. The decisions that are made they play an importance when it comes to performing design, analysis and interpretation of data

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