Reflection On Cherished Bionicle

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Since I was three years old I have always cherished Bionicle and every year since the initial debut of the series I have religiously collected every set lego has released. With every set that was unveiled, I saw how their designs changed and the ways of assembling the parts increased. Knowing this intrigued me even more because I wanted to be how they worked and how they were built, material wise and the structure, so I could replicate the process and construct my own unique figures. First thing I learned about Bionicle which opened my eyes to what I could make was the ball and socket joints which is the basis on how make more. The second thing I learned from the first sets of Bionicle I had, I learned how to connect gears and how to make them…show more content…
Too many colors are bad for anything, it makes the final product messy and out of place, three is enough. When building a figure I learned that it is important not to go all out because it will affect the sturdiness of the figure,so it will not be able to stand on its own, taking the time to figure out what pieces will fit and make the strongest and lightest skeleton to build off of. Taking those few extra steps will make anything that is being built easier and make for a more pleasant time. Throughout the years I have known of Bionicle, I have seen many designs that the creators took in assembling a figure, I found that I unconsciously choose a single skeletal design that I use in almost all of my figures that I make, I use it because it is a sturdy and simplistic design that allows a lot of room for extras, compared to other skeletal builds that could allow less. One of the major parts of Bionicle and what I love about it is the story that Bionicle has to offer, it has a huge story that got too big to keep itself up. A toy with that much background and story really helped me get a huge imagination which in turn is a reason why I started to make movies about them. I didn't need a script or a book to recreate, it just came out and sometimes took strange turns in the middle but always had an ending that made sense and fit the whole story together. After filming I opened the video in window movie maker, and in there I learned how to edit videos to make them look better and add special effects, and to this day I like editing small videos and seeing what I can
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