Biopower In Brave New World

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KAI: We have now reached chapter 15, and I think it’s safe to say that an overlaying theme for the book is totalitarianism within a dystopian society. The state being in complete control of not only your life but your pre-life goes even further than the definition of totalitarianism. If we take a step back however and look at the World State as a whole, you can see a clear process of control that the state holds over the people. I have decided to identify it through the philosophy of Foucault and his theory of biopower. Where the state indirectly controls its citizens and achieves the subjugation over bodies, which is precisely what is occurring in the book "Brave New World". This biopolitical control over the bodies not only strips an individual…show more content…
KAI: I believe that you are correct, but your disagreement of my biopolitical epistemology is misguided. I believe that the World State utilizes utilitarianism, but the foundation of such is biopolitical control. And Huxley implements both ideas clearly, which I 'm sure you can agree with. The biopower within the society is the flaw within the perfection that utilitarianism provides. It only serves the bodies of its people through physical and emotional support, but spiritually and personally they fail to meet the needs of the people. And yet they have been conditioned to ignore that fact, and instead walk around without a unique persona but rather as husks with a smile. This is the impact of utilitarianism in societies, and that’s what the author is trying to say. Twisting what you explain with your 'Authors message statement ' I believe the impact of a perfect society is a lack of individuality. A loss of what makes diversity and uniqueness so apparent. And in our world today diversity is highly valued I mean colleges will administrate you purely based on affirmative action. Our society wants uniqueness and diversity, and contrasting that with the World State, they are opposites. Anyways, what do you think about

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