Biopsychological Approach Essay

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The Biopsychological Approach is the concept that psychological and social factors play a part in understanding an individual’s mental illness or disorder. Aggression is a human behavior which many display, but if it is gone unnoticed it can worsen overtime. This essay will explain the Biological, psychological, and social factors explaining an individual’s human behavior. When referring to the biological factors of the biopsychological approach, we can focus on research that proves guys are often proven to be more aggressive than girls. Growing up boys are more physical than girls. For example, they swing their arms while running around the house, kick, and play fight way more than girls do at a younger age. Many parents can testify to…show more content…
When our body experiences a large percent of stress, our brain triggers a bodily reaction called fight or flight. This response represents genetic wisdom that we have which is designed to protect our body from any harm. Due to this response, the body’s sympathetic nervous system is activated and hormones are released. Some of the symptoms of flight or fight include, elevating of your heart rate, dizziness, shakiness, chronic headaches, muscle tension, depression, allergies, and anxiety. It takes the body 20 to 60 minutes to return to its natural state. Fight or flight is very common in soldiers fighting overseas. It is extremely tough for them to differentiate between their normal life and being in the war zone. They find themselves having a very hard time resting and are constantly in a state of fear. Relaxation, exercises, deep breathing, and mediation is stated to help the treatment of fight or flight syndrome. Contrary to many believe, stress can do a lot of damage to your body. It may not happen right away but overtime you will be able to see it firsthand. Fight or flight can happen to an individual when they are facing something frightening such as a haunted house. Your heart may begin beat quick and your entire bodies becomes tense, it is ready to take action. Imagine going for your morning jog and see a growling dog, your body will immediately go into fight or flight. Fight or flight can
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