Biopsychosocial Approach To Health Care

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Today in this moment, we have more scientific knowledge and are more technologically advanced than ever in human history. Yet we still suffer from a health crisis. Many experts understand the importance of having a biopsychosocial approach to health care, meaning we need to take into consideration the biological, psychological, sociological and ecological issues for a real understanding of health. Nevertheless, because of systemic economic pressures we have a global health crisis that we simply cannot afford to ignore. In my research I explore systems theory in an effort to understand the root causes of this crisis, I also explore some possible practical solutions to this complicated and ever evolving issue. Biologist Ludwig Von Bertalanffy…show more content…
This approach is the attempt to understand health in the fullest context (The Biopsychosocial Approach). The biopsychosocial approach takes into account biological, psychological, social factors, and the complex influences they have on each other which results in a more complete understanding of peoples health (The Biopsychosocial Approach). When looking at biology’s role in health we are frequently looking at things such as genetics, physiology, neurology and disability. When looking at the social context we are normally looking at social systems, cultures, economic status, religion, education. When looking at psychology’s role in health we look at beliefs, neurosis, skills, personality, behaviors, past trauma, coping skills, and learning/memory. Two areas of focus that help us analyze this health crisis are behavior biology and sociology. They enable us to understand the affect our manmade social systems, such as the economy, have on health, and they help us to understand how to change our social environment (Joseph, Chapter One). Commonly, when using a biopsychosocial point of view of health, people often forget to include the ecological effect, but it is included when analyzing this situation with a systems theory approach (Joseph, Chapter One). When the larger idea of ecology is included it takes into account the entirety of the habitat and its affects on all elements (Joseph, Chapter One). Considering ecology is a macro approach and will encompass biological, sociological and psychological responses, all influencing each other with a partly understood interconnectedness, it is an amazing phenomenon. By using a systems approach we can truly understand
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