Biopsychosocial Assessment

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Authors Sands and Gellis (2012) state, the initial biopsychosocial assessment gathers information, summarizes and analyzes the findings related to the initial interview with a client. Other sources of data such as significant others, medical results. In addition, other data sources can be utilized such as neighbors, coworker’s friends, and medical results (Sands & Gellis, 2012). The biopsychosocial-spiritual, and spiritual components of an individual. It is imperative that when completing an assessment the mental health care provider focuses on treating the client like an individual and a diagnostic category (Sands & Gellis, 2012). This paper examines and discusses the narrative of Ashley Peterson; a pseudonym name has been assigned
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Peterson currently lives with her 54-year-old father, she stated they have a good relationship, and that he has always been supportive of her. Ms. Peterson’s daughter previously lived in the home with her and her father before she lost custody. Ms. Peterson has a new group of friends that she socializes with than she previously did five-years-ago when she was sober; she stated that all of her new friends abuse alcohol and drugs. She does not have any relatives, peer groups, community affiliations outside of her father, daughter, ex-husband, and current friends. Although Ms. Peterson does have an addiction to alcohol and opiates she believes completing a program will effectively assist with the effort of taking care of herself and her daughter. Ms. Peterson is currently unemployed, and receives no other income, she stated she relies on her father and her ex-husband financially. She has the goal of obtaining employment so she can buy a home for herself and her daughter to live in. Ms. Peterson currently lives in a four bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom home, in a rural-suburban neighborhood. The significant issues surrounding her current situation is substance abuse, loss of custody of her child, and unemployment.
Previous Mental Health Problem and Treatment
Ms. Peterson stated that previously she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders within an outpatient agency, and that she was taking the medication Zoloft to assist with the stabilization of her mood. She stated
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Peterson stated that when she was eight-years-old her mother and father divorced. She stated that immediately after her parents divorced her mother remarried her stepfather. Ms. Peterson stated that when she was eight-years-old her stepfather started physically and sexually abusing her. Ms. Peterson stated that she told her mother about the abuse, and her mother blamed Ms. Peterson for the abuse, and continued to allow Ms. Peterson to be exposed to her boyfriend. Ms. Peterson stated her mother’s failure to protect and believe her made her feel worthless and unloved. She stated that she refrained from drinking alcohol and using other substances up until 30-years-old because she did not want to become an alcoholic like her mother. Ms. Peterson stated she was married to her ex-husband for sixteen years, and that they had healthy marriage until her substance and alcohol addiction caused the marriage to end in divorce. Ms. Peterson’s ex-husband continues to support her financially and emotionally, but he wants to protect his daughter from any exposure to harm. In addition, he is also supportive of her sobriety and recovery. Both parties do not want to reunify their intimate relationship, preferring to respect and support one another and continue to remain
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