Cause And Effect Essay On Heart Attack

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Every year about seven hundred ninety thousand people suffer from a heart attack. Five hundred eighty thousand are the person’s first heart attack. Two hundred and ten thousand have already suffered one heart attack.(Heart disease) Heart Attacks are when one or more blood vessels clog with fat and narrow slowly to cut off oxygen to the heart which kills the heart causing the body to shut down. There are not any clear warning signs of a heart attack. Sometimes nearby blood vessels bring blood to the heart during and after a heart attack to help muscles repair. The amount of damage done to the heart is the amount of time the heart goes without oxygen. The heart muscle heals after several weeks and scar tissue forms. It never fully heals; it will never pump as much blood as it did before. As long as one changes their eating and lifestyle choices, they can reduce the amount of damage done to the heart (“What is a Heart Attack”). Every thirty four seconds someone in the United States…show more content…
People who have already had heart attacks may endure different symptoms. Others may have a pattern of the same symptoms. All chest pain should be checked by a doctor. The more symptoms you have the more likely you are having a heart attack. There are tests for the heart to test the strength and protein in the blood. The first test is an Electrocardiogram it records the hearts beats and rhythm looking for irregularities. It also tests the strength and timing of electrical signals when they pass through all the parts of the heart. The next test is the blood test. This test checks the levels of protein in the blood stream because during a heart attack heart muscle cells die and release the protein into the blood stream. High levels of protein in the blood stream usually suggest there was a heart attack (“Heart

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