Biracial Communities And Intercultural Relationships

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Melting Pot of Biracial Communities and Intercultural Relationships With intercultural relationships becoming more the norm there should be less racism. The communities would be less divided, because the communities would be more connected people would be more open-minded and less judgmental of people from different cultures and ethnicities. People would be less afraid of new people and their cultures moving into their communities. Kids from intercultural relationships would speak more than one language and that is necessary in the workforce. If there were more intercultural and interracial relationships eventually everyone would be similar in skin color and more of a reason for there to be less racism. Less Racism There…show more content…
The community would see that they have children like they do, they go to work just like they do, and they interact with their friends and family like they do. People are just scared of the unknown. I lived on a Military base for the last 10 years and there is where I was introduced to intercultural and interracial communities. We made lots of friends and learned more world views and customs, tasted amazing foods that we would have never tasted if we did not establish relationships with people and couples of intercultural and interracial relationships. I will admit that I like some people was a little apprehensive to establish these relationships. Because of language barriers and honestly I did not think we had anything in common. Open Minded When it comes to Middle Eastern people I am still apprehensive more so because I am afraid of them, even though of course not all Middle Eastern people are the same and are not terrorist which is exactly of what I and most likely other people fear. Culture based I don’t think we have anything in common, but human based as far as emotions towards our families we…show more content…
Children who are born from an intercultural and or interracial relationship have an advantage in that most likely they are bilingual if not trilingual. Since there is so much diversity in the United States it has become almost a necessity to be bilingual especially in Spanish and English when it comes to the workforce. One Color If the intercultural relationships continue to rise there will be less skin color difference in people. Being that intercultural is closely related to interracial relationships means that everyone is going to be so mixed that eventually there will not be much of a difference in skin color.
Therefore lead to less racism because everyone will look similar. My eight year old daughter was to going to school with children from around the world and all different colors. Since moving away from the military base and moving into a community of primarily Caucasian people she was confused as to why there was not one African American in her entire school. It was amusing to me that she had become so accustomed to seeing different types of people that when she was placed in an environment of primarily Caucasian people it
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