Bird Symbolism In The Scarlet Ibis

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The Scarlet Ibis lives within Doodle Some authors like to use symbolism as one of their main focuses in the story to find a much deeper meaning. Such as the short story “The Scarlet Ibis”which was written by James Hurst. The story entails about a disabled boy and his brother helping him overcome his struggles to fit into the normal world. Hurst uses the symbols birds, death and anything red to highlight the deeper meaning of this meaningful story. The bird symbolizes the death of Doodle. The bird, or also known as the scarlet ibis, is usually found to “ in the tropics- South America to Florida” (Hurst 602), so when it was found underneath the tree in their yard after traveling so many miles just to end up dying they were greatly astonished. In this it shows how the bird had traveled many miles just to die; just like…show more content…
For example, at beginning of the story Hurst says how, “The last graveyard flowers were blooming and their smell drifted across the cotton field were blooming, and their smell drifted across the cotton field and through every room of our house, speaking softly the names of our dead” (594). This allows the reader to predict that there will possibly be a death somewhere throughout the story. This leaves the reader suspenseful until near the end of the story. Showing how death symbolizes Doodle, the color red or anything red symbolizes death also. The color red is shown for when symbolizing for death or fire. But in this case it is known as the death of Doodle. For example when it says “A grind stone stands where the bleeding tree stood…” (Hurst 595), the author tries to tie together the death of Doodle and the death of the Scarlet Ibis. In this way we can see that the Scarlet Ibis had struggles just like Doodle. But unfortunately in the process in trying to succeed in their struggles they did not make it. In all of these different ways Doodle and death are being
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