Birdman Film Analysis

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1. In the film, Birdman directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu is about a man named Riggan, whose well known as the “Birdman.” In the film we witness Riggan struggling who is making his mark in the world using broadway. When he achieved his fame as “Birdman”, he isolated himself from the screen as he battled with his inner voices which later caused him to commit suicide. His inner voices in the beginning of the film weren’t as powerful as it was towards the end. Those around Riggan are facing similar battles, but assuming from viewing the film seemed to be unaware of the battles they’re facing. Riggan works to come to terms with realities of the real world. Once the film is finished, Riggan attempts to let himself truly feel what he needs to so he can find inner peace and freedom.

2. Mise En Scene: The Mise En Scene in the film Birdman is shown countless times through the broadway stage. Backstage areas of the theater, dressing rooms, rooftops, corridors, and, of course, the stage all provide deeply detailed to perfectly contain the characters in the film. Printed couches, scrawled “congratulations” notes, flowers and flickering light bulbs adorn our hero’s dressing room. These spaces are each decorated to look authentic. Color also plays a large role in “Birdman”. The stage lighting shifts dramatically throughout the play within the film and this theme often bleeds into the backstage of the St. James Theater. Props, paint cans, and other clutter strings together through

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