Birmingham Jail Case

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1. Explain the author's primary point. The author seeks to bring to light the unfair treatment of the Negros by the whites in the places they live in. He also seeks to show that leaders only make empty promises to their people. Brutal cases are most among the Negros as they are attacked and their cases go unnoticed or ignored. Moreover the author wishes to show that the Negros are not treated equally as other residents of Birmingham. 2. What evidence does the author use to supports this point. In support of the major point that the author addresses he uses the Birmingham city. The author indicates a proposed encounter with the economic leaders of the community of Birmingham in which they promise to address the issue of racism . However…show more content…
One he has a strong evidence of the unfair treatment of Negros in their city. His case is also supported by the fact that political leaders had neglected to address the issue of brutality and unfair acts such as bombing in the homes of the Negros. 4. Is the author's argument based on any unproven assumptions? If so, identify the assumptions and identify what information is needed. The author suggests that police records are clear indications of brutality cases. He therefore assumes that since records indicate cases of brutality it means that Negros is unfairly treated. He should support his argument by using valid references. 5. Explain the significance of the document. How does this give us insight into the issues and events of the period? The document written by Martin Luther King is important in that it brings to light the shameful acts of the police by brutally abusing Negros . It also brings to light the ignorance of politicians in addressing the most significant matters. The document brings us close to understanding the issue of brutality among the blacks and how the issue is ignored. It also gives us insight to understanding the issue not only at community level but also nationwide and
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