Birmingham Jail Reflection

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Martin Luther King, Jr. once said in his “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”, “Time itself is neutral; it can either be used destructively or constructively... Human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts of man...We must use time creatively in the knowledge that time is always ripe to do right.” King is absolutely right, here; in order to make any progress or improvement, one needs to use time correctly in order to get a positive response. If one does not put their efforts forth, and expects a positive outcome, they will not see one unless they exercise what they know and use their time constructively. In any discourse community time is valued greatly. A discourse community is defined by Mr. Brown,…show more content…
But there is no doubt in my mind that music is what I want to be involved in for the rest of my life. I have gotten this far, there is not any reason I can not continue to prosper and grow. Even just the other day, I was overwhelmingly stressed and I wanted nothing more than to drop what I was doing and transfer and move on to a completely new career choice. But I quickly gravitated away from that feeling. I do not have it in me to give up that quickly and sacrifice all that I have learned. I do not feel like giving up right now will do me any good knowing that I have just begun and I still have the entire teaching aspect to touch and experiment with. Also, because I have former teachers and classmates constantly reminding me that this path is where I am destined to be, I am able to push away the negative feelings and thoughts pretty quickly without much thinking. Furthermore, during my spring break in March, I plan on spending an entire school week with a local primary school elementary instrumental music teacher. Shadowing elementary music is something I have never done, and this is another reason why I should not throw away what I am doing right away. There is still more to experience and do hands-on. Why is being a part of a discourse community important? The way I have thought about discourse communities is that we are given opportunities to be part of something. We have something to lean back on when we need it. We have something to do on our spare time, we do not have to be sheltered, non-experienced people. There is opportunities around any and every corner, but the individual is the one responsible to find our safe haven, and our get away communities. Music has always been an outlet for me as a child and as a prospering and maturing teenager/young adult. A lot of us look to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as an individual to inspire to persevere. In the “Letter From a Birmingham
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