Birth And Marriage Rituals In Medieval Europe

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There were many ceremonies performed in feudal Japan and in Medieval Europe. They had some of the same ceremonies and some were different. They both had birth and marriage ceremonies. In Europe, they had marriage, birth, and beauty ceremonies.
In Europe, the marriage ceremonies included having a castle feast with goose, cheese, walnuts, turtle doves, and many other foods. During the beauty ceremonies, the women would get every part of their face painted with some type of cosmetic. This ceremony often played a role for the bride when she got married. Birth ceremonies were held at the church. The ceremony would establish lifelong ties to their godparents. The last part of the ceremony took place at the altar, where the godparents made the profession of faith for the child.
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One of the most important ceremonies was the tea ceremony. It is a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea. Their birth ceremonies were when the mother took the baby to meet the god of the community. The mother hopes when she takes her baby there that the god will protect her baby. Marriage ceremonies are where the bride and the groom promise to live together, it was also a celebration. At death ceremonies, the deceased is to wear grave clothes, a hood and a money pouch containing six pieces of money. The family gives the deceased water in hopes they will make it to the

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