Birth Center Remodel Case Study

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The meeting was to review the revised layout for the Birth Center Remodel, medical equipment list and room layout.

1. Review updated floor plan
a. Sherie H is following up with naming LDR and LDRP.
b. Well Baby Nursery: There is potential minor revision needs to be made due to Title 24 requirement that requires a dedicated housekeeping with a direct access from Well Baby Nursery.
c. Waiting room by C-section suite name changed to multipurpose room to comply with Title 24 requirement.
d. Nourishment room requires a separate nourish sink and a handwashing fixture. The detailed room layout will be revised coordinated with equipment planning.
e. Private dictation added to staff work room.
f. There are existing main med gas risers in the existing
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Family bed is confirmed to be a built in with removable cushion. viii. The existing murphy beds in postpartum 11 and 12 can remain since these were a part of the OSHPD approved project. ix. Provide a couple of heating equipment/stand (heating part of warmer?) that slide under bassinette in postpartum unit.
x. Need to add comments from SM’s mark ups. xi. It was commented to have odd and even room numbers on each side.

b. IT reviewed.
i. Code blue and staff assist are provided. No separate code pink is required, and staff assist will be used. Code blue and emergency staff assist by the patient bed are preferred (less frequently used and more convenient location). ii. Staff assist is to be provided in baby warmer (current model). iii. Current staff assist by the entry door is used to cancel the light. Routine calls can be canceled by Vocera but code blue, staff assist cannot be canceled with Vocera. A cancel call is to be provided by the door.

3. LDR
a. Medical equipment reviewed.
i. All medical equipment are currently shown as new. Decision on reusing existing equipment needs to be
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Steris birthing light recessed in ceiling is proposed. Jennifer D expressed concerns with the existing recessed birthing lights. This is not effected for certain types of procedure and portable gooseneck lights are used for those procedures. The proposed Steris lights would be more feasible to install. Their controls and arrangements are to be carefully reviewed. It is requested to find local installation and check with staff for their functionalities. Backup portable gooseneck lights are requested. GBA to send cutsheets to HOK. iii. Monitors on carts are preferred and provided. iv. Infant resuscitation area: provide suction, oxygen blender, and warmer.
b. IT reviewed.
i. Provide elapsed timer over baby not patient head. ii. Provide interpreter phone (blue phone) in each patient room. Current model is silacom, and it is requested to confirm this is not be discontinued model. Erik E will follow up. Currently vocera is also used for interpreter phone but speaker phone function on blue phone is preferred. iii. Cancel call by the entry door is preferred. iv. Provide a smaller PPE cabinet by the door.
v. Relocate Therm to right side of patient bed. vi. Relocate Gloves close to the entry
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