Birth Control Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma: Birth Control for the Teenage Female Contraceptives have been around many years primarily to prevent pregnancy. Condoms, diaphragms, intrauterine devices are just a few methods of contraceptives, but the most known form for many females is an oral birth control pill. The use of birth control has always sparked controversy with different views and opinions from religious groups to an individual’s own personal beliefs. This paper will discuss the ethical dilemma linked with birth control and the adolescent female, ethical principles seen with birth control for the teenage female, and resources and procedures the nurse can use to assist with making an ethical decision. The ethical dilemma that arises between the teenage…show more content…
When it comes to teenage females the nurse is there to provide an open line of communication and to provide education about their bodies, infections, and sex amongst other topics. A nurse is there to give them a form of authority but at the same time not be judgmental in any way; the patient needs to know they can have someone to talk to who will not roll their eyes or make them feel bad about themselves. (Cox, et al., 2014) suggests “Efforts that providers can take to increase the use of these services by teens include ensuring that clinic services are youth-friendly and providing teen patients with confidential, respectful, and culturally competent services” (p. 316). Giving sound advice and answering any concerns can provide a safe, trusting environment the teenage female will feel comfortable and continue to come for follow up visits which are very important. Although some instances do not need parental consent, involving the parents when applicable is definitely important. Pamphlets, videos, support groups, and peers are also resources that can help with an ethical decision such as birth control for teen females. The ethical dilemma on birth control for teenage females, a description of ethical principles relating to this issue, and resources and procedures nurses use to assist making ethical choices have all been covered. In today’s society social media, television, and movies play a big role in persuading adolescents on their choices. Parents, nurses, doctors, and other educators need to be open to all topics of conversation, especially sex education, and be able to provide adequate information to teach adolescent females about making the right choice for

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