Birth Control In Brave New World Essay

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Controlling pregnancy in our world and the Brave New World There are multiple forms of trusted contraception in the world, but the most advanced method that allows women to eventually become pregnant if they choose is the pill. There was once a time when birth control in the pill form was appalling and socially frowned upon, however in today’s society there is an enormous mass of over 12 million women currently relying on the birth control pill (Smith 1). The birth control pill was invented in 1950 and before then people had more kids and were much more cautious about their sex lives as they knew if they were not responsible they would have more children than they desired or could care for. However, just since the pill was invented and passed…show more content…
A great example of those who were not in favor were, ”Advocates for voluntary motherhood disapproved of contraception, arguing that women should only engage in sex for the purpose of procreation and advocated for periodic or permanent abstinence” (Blundell 3). The pill is so controversial because it prevents a life from being created and allows people to have sex without thought or remorse. Women that are on birth control may also be more prone to cheating on their partners because there will be no physical evidence that they committed adultery. However, it can very useful to those who are committed to one another, but aren’t ready to have a child yet. Women have been involved in, “The movement that articulates the rationale for reproductive freedom in positive moral and political terms, as a requirement for social justice, human rights, and women’s well-being” (Roberts 1). With that, each side of the controversy can be explored more closely and specifically. Many people still hold a resilient opposition to birth control of any form. Most specifically dislike the birth control pill because of the serious negative side effects it can inflict on the body. If a women experiences severe headaches, abdominal pain, blurred vision, chest pain or swelling one must visit the emergency room immediately because it may be a serious issue (Smith
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