Birth Control Persuasive Speech

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Should you ask someone else what’s best for you? Sexually active teenagers are considered to be being responsible when they use condoms, so why can’t a sexually active female decide when birth control is necessary for her? Having control over your body is a necessary freedom and lesson into adulthood. The age a female should have control over her body is when she begins to use it, then there would be no need to ask her parents permission for birth control. Females 16 years old and up are responsible enough to go into a doctor’s office and say “I would like to be put on birth control” without parents consent. Doctor’s say that birth control can harm some females if they aren’t completely developed, it can harm their menstrual cycle in the …show more content…

Statistics prove that 93% of the people in the nation say that it should be okay. Doctor’s wouldn’t mind, but they mind because they have to abide by the law to keep their jobs. tells you the harms of birth control as well as how it can help you. Birth control can cause weight gain or loss, slight nausea, can cause larger breast, mood swings, breast tenderness, and etc. With the mood swings it can cause you to go in a stage of depression. Most women gain weight instead of losing weight. Today approximately 69% of young women are not aware of these side effects and should actually ask their doctors about this when they ask for birth control. Parents don’t believe that their child should be able to access anything under the age of 18 without their consent. Parents are quick to say don’t do this, or don’t do that, but when their parents were saying this stuff to them they were not listening. They say “No Don’t have sex” by them telling their teenage child this is going to make them rebel simply because they’re teenagers. I went to go ask a few parents what they would think of their sixteen year old being able to access birth control without their consent and many parents said they wouldn’t like it, but all of them had different reasoning. Some depending on religion, others depending on their own childhood

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