Life Of A Daughter Essay

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“The Woman is not man undeveloped but diverse” -Tennyson. The birth of a daughter in a Chinese Family is not necessarily unwelcomed but it doesn’t bring much joy as compared to a birth of a son. There are many factors why they prefer a son rather than a daughter.

First, the daughter will not be able to carry the family’s inheritance and business and preserve the family’s surname. When the disappointment of bearing a daughter, the care received by the daughters are at the same level as the son, but when the daughters reach the age of 5 or 6, the custom of foot-binding is practiced. With the belief that small feet is a form of beauty and a sign of being respectable.

Daughter’s who were foot-bound are not capable of doing Physical Education which in turn affects the education she can attain. There were no Kindergarten or Domestic Science available at that point in time, and education was not really necessary for them. But it
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It is perceived that men are more aggressive and are most likely to be the target of aggression by other people. This factor has been affected by a person’s gender role, rather than the gender of the person itself. Masculine gender role has been studied and said that they are more associated with direct aggressive behavior. People who violate gender roles of tradition gain more aggressive behavior from those promote traditional gender roles. The aggression may influence the level of aggression directed toward others.

A more masculine opponent was found to be more aggressive than participants who thought the opposite was feminine. When a woman has adapted a more masculine role, it may affect her actions and may be interpreted definitely than if she performed her actions which feministic. The setting of where the person also works, despite one’s gender, affects her perception of his or her gender role and
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