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The birth order sets out roles for each sibling in a family to play and while for some families it can work out perfect, yet in some circumstance, a family might not follow the birth order. In my view, my family fits perfectly into the roles of the siblings, however for my dad the rules of the birth order is different in his situation. My mom was raised in a family of seven siblings and out of all the siblings, my mom is the third youngest. However, with her seven siblings the birth order has reset due to the oldest sibling having a twenty-six year age gap with the youngest. With the birth order resetting this caused the seven siblings to split into two groups: the oldest and the youngest. The oldest group consist of the four older siblings…show more content…
In my entire life, my parents never compared me to my sister or forced me to act like her since my sister and I have opposite personality; instead, my parents just wanted me to have the same opportunities as my sister. Additionally, my parents never showed favoritism between the two of us, rather my parents made my sister and I share the same punishments and equality. While my parents allowed the two of us to have the same experience and I viewing my relationship with my sister as friends there was a time when our relationship was a rivalry. Even though I do not have memories of our relationship when I was a baby, my sister shared stories of when she used to torment me when I was born. My sister claims that the reason she acted that way was because she was jealous that I was now the youngest and she was not. However, my sister stated that when I became a toddler that it was the same period when she started to view me as a sister and not a punching bag. Now that my sister finally viewed me as her younger sister she still had complete control since she was the oldest and with that, she made all the choices between the two of us. My parents even encouraged this since my sister has all the experience and knowledge about everything I needed to

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