Adler's Birth Order Theory

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Being an only child, for the most part, I firmly agree with Adler’s claims with regard to the birth order theory, as well as their corresponding characteristics. Throughout my childhood, I, indeed have been heavily pampered and I have been the center of attention for my parents. I was practically spoiled with everything that I wanted, given the fact that my parents never had a child before.
Along with the birth order theory, its corresponding characteristics have definitely surprised me for it seems that these descriptions could be considered as accurate. Contrary to popular belief, such general principles, indeed still have a place in a subjective family situation.
According to Adler, an only child may have a hard time adjusting to certain
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As for the most part of Adler’s proposed characteristics of an only child, I personally think that he accurately described certain characteristics, for they are applicable to me as well. He states that an only child may possess traits of confidence and is comfortable, as well as entertaining for others. According to other sources, an only child may be more mature than most of the kids their age; they are also comfortable and more engaged towards adults and tend to excel more in terms of intellectual and creative pursuits.
In the same manner, my strengths and notable characteristics are almost the same with what Adler has conferred. I am more fond of engaging in conversations with adults because I prefer in-depth discourse rather than small talk, which is usually what I experience whenever I interact with people my age. Being an only child, I tend to have the desire to entertain others, taking to account the characteristic of wanting to be the center of attention. Then again, I find such endeavors both negative and positive, but I believe that it would be best if I could balance these warring characteristics as an only child. Instead of making it seem like it is all about me, I entertain others by making them the center of attention. On another note, I also excel in terms of academics and other
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Not only do my parents realize the importance of skills, but they also provide me the opportunity to develop and better my spiritual life, as well as my well-being. Although an only child’s characteristics may be centered on skills-related achievements, my mother places great emphasis on holistic development and achievement. Being a skilled and intelligent person is not enough, but one must also have the ability to engage within the community, establish and strengthen interpersonal relationships and most importantly, have a strong faith in
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