Monologue About Rihanna

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“Christy! I’ve missed you so much. Where is Rihanna?” I screamed giving Christy a hug. “O.M.G! Its been months Nancy, I’ve missed you! Happy birthday!” said Christy as she embraced me and gave me a gift bag, “we have a lot to talk about…” “Nancy, its been so long! Happy birthday!” said Rihanna, as she jumped on me. Everyone sang a ‘birthday song’ for me and I took pictures with my cousins after cutting my cake. I haven’t seen Rihanna and Christy in three months and I couldn’t wait to start telling them my embarrassing stories of what happened to me in school last term. The greetings went on for about twenty minutes with everyone and that’s when I gave Christy and Rihanna a look to signify that we needed some privacy. We all stood up quietly,…show more content…
“You’re welcome, my darling. Please, you ladies shouldn’t go upstairs again, stay in the kitchen and wash the plates with your sisters, the cook is leaving the house now so she can’t do it today.” She said. At that moment, I regretted coming to the sitting room. I wish I didn’t come so I didn’t have to hear what she just said. “Okay, I will tell Rihi, and Christy,” I said in a low voice. The kitchen was a mess. The plates on the sink were overloaded, it was like they had a party in the house. I didn’t even want to look at the big dirty pots that needed a lot of scraping to get them cleaned up. Rihanna, Christy and I looked the kitchen and ourselves and we sadly knew we just had to get to…show more content…
The workload killed our mood so much that we couldn’t even discuss anymore as we did it. “I hate being a girl,” Rihanna said quietly. “Me too,” said Christy “Me three,” I said. “It’s not fair. So we wash plates while our brothers play video games?” asked Christy, passing me bowl to rinse. “I know right, and guess what? Later in future, we’re meant to do the house work, take care of the children and also have a job while the men only have jobs,” I said, rinsing the bowl. “And if you don’t have a job, they call you a ‘house wife,’” said Rihanna, sorrowfully. I have grown up believing that being a female is a negative thing. When I was younger, my aunties would say, “bend properly so they won’t see your panties, if they see your panties, they will rape you,” and my mum would say, ““No man wants to marry an irresponsible girl, you have to close your body.”This made me grow up with a stigma that being a lady came with no benefits because I was under pressure and I wasn’t safe. After 40 minutes of washing the dishes with cousins, we were all tired and went upstairs. My mum and aunties were so deep in the conversation that they didn’t notice when we

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