Biscuits Lab Report

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Creaming- The ghee, sugar and vanilla flavor is churned so that flavor may get adhered to the fine droplets of fat. Mixing time is of two minutes.
Dry mixing- When creaming is over the contents of batter (maida, sugar powder, paste, baking soda, NaCl, SMBS, SMP and ammonium bicarbonate) are also poured to cream fat and mixer is operated for 3-4 minutes.
Wet mixing- Along with the ammonium mix from the mixer, 40 kg paste is also taken in barrel and poured to dry mixer and again it is operated for three minutes. The batch is now ready for further processing.
Dough cutting/lamination- It mainly helps to knead the dough to a desired consistency. There is also a metal detector to detect the metals like steal, iron
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At high temperature sugar caramelizes and imparts crust color.
Cooling- After baking the biscuits are allowed to travel on the cooling conveyor for some time to lower down the biscuit temperature before packing. For this purpose, there are two conveyors.
Cooling conveyor-1- An industrial metal detector is fixed just before the end of conveyor.
Cooling conveyor-2- It carries biscuits from cooling conveyor to stacker.
Stacking- A stacker takes up biscuits from cooling conveyors and aligns them in rows. These aligned biscuits are fed in to the feeding machine. A brush roll is fitted above the stacker to control the movement of biscuits.
Packaging- Packaging is done by packing machines. There are 8 packaging machines in the Parle-G plant. The machine automatically wraps the wrapper around the biscuits. Sealing of biscuits is done with the help of roller heaters. Some heaters are used for side and some for cross sealing (lengthwise).

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It also releases SO2 which acts as preservative.
Liquids vanillin and vanilla Powder:
Flavor is very important for baking industry as it performs the following functions:
• Gives a rich appetizing taste to the product
• It has a stimulating effect on digestive function
• It makes a product having uniform taste.
Skimmed milk powder (SMP):
It contains lactose, which is a reducing sugar that combines with protein by maillard reaction at high temperature during baking and imparts attractive color and surface bloom if SMP is well dispersed thoroughly in cold water before incorporation in the formula.
Moisture- 4.0% maximum
Solubility- 98.5%
Color- white
• SMP combines with the gluten in wheat to produce soft and moist dough for baking.
• It increases the nutritive value.
• It helps to give shine to the product.
• It is used to give flavor and tenderness to the biscuits.
Ammonium bicarbonate:
Ammonium bicarbonate is extremely volatile salt which when heated liberates carbon dioxide, ammonia gas and water. Ammonia bi-carbonate is extensively used for products, which are baked to low moisture content, for example cookies. It’s leavening effect is due to NH3 and

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