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The term biscuit derives from a Latin word which is Danis Biscoctus that means twice cooked bread and refers to bread rusks that were cooked for ship biscuits from as long as Middle Ages.
Biscuit is a term used for primarily flour based baked food product. The biscuit is divided into two products in North America and the Commonwealth of Nations and Europe. It sometime refers as crackers (which makes a noise of cracking when broken). Cracker is a biscuit of low sugar and fat content.
Its major ingredients are flour, fat, sugar, water, ammonium bi carbonate, salt,


Biscuits are classified in various ways. 1. Texture and hardness. 2. Based on the method of forming dough e.g. fermented, develop laminated, cut, moulded extruded, deposited, wire cut, co extruded etc. 3. Based on the recipe (fat and sugar).
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3 BISCUITS MAKING PROCEDURE Biscuits are a type of flour confectionery which can be made and baked in a domestic kitchen. But they are made mostly in industries on large scale. The plant of manufacturing biscuit is forming, baking and packaging are continuous operations but metering ingredients and dough mixing is usually done in batch operation. Biscuit production is a complex task in large scale. The workers must be aware of the ingredient quality variations and the significance of these.

There are basically two types of biscuit dough hard and soft. 2 . 3 . 1 Hard Dough Biscuits In hard dough the gluten is low that is partially developed and to some extent extensible depending on the percentage ratio of sugar and fat. In hard dough the biscuits that can be included are:
• Water biscuits
• Sweet gluco biscuits
• Semi sweet (Marie or cabin biscuits) and Some of the specialty biscuits having slightly higher percentage of shortening. Hard dough has high water and relatively low fat and sugar contents.
2 . 3 . 2 Soft Dough

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