Pros And Cons Of Bisexuality

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Gender is a cultural construct as opposed to sex, which is biologically defined. Used to classify attitudes, behaviors and other forms of expression, gender is applied in different ways by different cultures. In dominant Western society, the concept of gender is rigidly defined and limited to a male/female dichotomy. Bisexuals are people who are affectional, romantically, and/or sexually attracted to people of the same or opposite sex. They may or may not be non-monogamous or even sexually active. (Greenblatt, 2010)
Bisexuality can be described as feelings of persons- men or women- who achieve their sexual or erotic attention to both sexes engaging in either sexual or sensual relationship with people of either sex. However, a person
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As a result, many mental health providers declined to use "sexual orientation change effects" therapy, designed to dissuade gay and lesbian clients from homosexual desires. Yet some therapists continued to use SOCE, mostly with nonaversion methods like hypnosis or reframing clients ' thinking. The law "bans a form of treatment for minors; it does nothing to prevent licensed therapists from discussing the pros and cons of [sexual-orientation change therapy] with their patients," wrote Judge Susan P. Gräber for the unanimous threejudge panel in Pickup v. Brown. But the state of California passed a law prohibiting such therapy with minors, claiming that any provider doing so would have committed "unprofessional conduct" and become subject to discipline. (Hudson,…show more content…
Rosenberg in supporting the state 's transgender rights law, and it is noteworthy that opposition to North Carolina 's law is coming not just from Democrats and gay rights groups but from business groups and companies within the state. The Boston Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, state Senate President Stanley Rosenberg urged a vote on the state 's transgender rights bill that has been stuck in the Judiciary Committee since last year. The legislation would provide protection for transgender people using public accommodations and would allow them to use public restrooms associated with their gender

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