Bison Persuasion Essay

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No one knows specifically when mankind first accommodated with supernatural occurrences. According to several archaeologists, it’s possible for the Neanderthals maintain enough intelligence to form vivid imaginations. Recently in the early 20th century, an unknown farmer accidentally discovered the earliest form of storytelling. Illustrations of extinct animals in different shapes and sizes painted throughout the cave. A unique image caught the archaeologist’s eyes, in the corner of a cave, there’s a portrait with a body of a man, replaced with the head of a bird instead. This creature later was nicknamed “birdman” shown in the process of killing a bison, also a rhino detected in the far left corner. Theorists combined existing urban legends…show more content…
As the bird hovers over prehistoric landscapes, discovers herds of bison and rhinos altogether migrating towards vegetation. In order to find the ideal prey, he glided through the plains and changed into another beast. Without hesitation, he mistakenly took transform into a rhino. The rhinos eventually segregated themselves from the bison in different directions nevertheless, the skin walker continues to walk alongside the bison to avoid suspicion. Soon after the migration the rhino spotted a bison desperately attempting to get caught up with the rest of the group. He slowly slithers closer towards the animal still in rhino form until it collapses of exhaustion. Brimming with anticipation, the rhino transforms once more into an anthropoid, however the transformation causes him to have the bird skin for his head. The humanoid was able to obtain a sharpened spear that he was supposedly carrying. Creeping once more for the killing blow, the skin walker suddenly stepped on twigs loud enough to alarm the creature. After the humanoid was spotted in the corner of his eye, the bison falters to lift itself for escape, unfortunately its fate was sealed. According to the images in the cave, the skin walker had enough strength to pierce through the bison. The bison retaliates despite the hanging intestines visibly shown by charging a head butt for its final defend mechanism. The
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