Bitch Planet Patriarchy

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Feminism can be defined as a thought in socio-political movements primarily based on and motivated by the engagement of women. While providing a general assessment of gender based relations, many components of feminism also focus on analyzing general inequality and the promotion of women's rights and interests. Kelly DeConnick and Valentine De Landro’s Bitch Planet perfectly choose to emanate from this movement as it establishes a well-thought and meaningful deposition to opposes of feminism. The narrative is set within a dystopian world in which “non-compliant” women who do not conform to society’s sexualized facsimile of femininity are transported to an off-planet all female prison known as “Bitch Planet” in which they are reprimanded. Non-compliant…show more content…
Readers have yet to fully understand the history in which lead to Bitch Planet’s creation, but the setting is clearly one that features patriarchy that has ceased to be a subtle force and become a more open one. Women who refuse to be compliant, who refuse to accept a subordinate role, who attempt to grow out of confining social structures are mocked, isolated, repressed and shunned by a system that relies on the collaboration of other women and men to suppress them, ostensibly on the basis of the oppressor’s interest. Bitch Planet lays this idea brutally bare, but it doesn’t invent it, or even significantly change it. This is very similar to the oppression that women currently face in our daily lives. Society has developed a cultural norm in which women are highly influenced to conform to, this may be through the use of media, or even societal interactions. The fact of the matter is that women are oppressed daily, and simply are told to not speak out, rather than we as society embracing issues and structuralizing on the equality of all. The feminist theory displayed within Bitch Planet aims to critique the nature of gender inequality and focuses on gender politics, power relations and
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