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The Bizz Buzz assignment topics were really relevant, not only to the course but for each of the students as they graduate college and enter into the job search. The first Bizz Buzz was on unemployment, I found it the most useful because it is a huge issue in the world right now and is something that we could be facing upon graduating. The article that I chose for this category was on how many college graduates have to find jobs unrelated to their major. This is due to unavailable jobs in their career choice and student debt needs to be paid, so students are taking whatever job they can get. This shows how difficult it can be after graduation to get a job. The second Bizz Buzz discussed what the presidential candidates are doing with jobs. Some of the candidates talked about bringing the factories back to America and opening up more jobs. Bizz Buzz 3 was also an interesting topic, it showed you how companies might go about fixing problems with a company, whether it be with their workers or one of their products. You have to take a professional manor on the issue and describe how you are going to go about fixing whatever issue is present. My article discussed how apple is dealing with their problem of the new Apple Music app, they are making improvements to the app and adding new features to keep the clients interested.…show more content…
The first topic was unemployment, while the second topic discussed how the presidential candidates were going to improve the unemployment in the United States, and the third being how to handle situations in the work place upon getting a job that the presidential candidates are going to create more of. I think it goes through all aspects, from jobs being unavailable, to what to do when you get the job. The Bizz Buzz topics were a great tool to apply the topics that we discussed in class to real things happening in the world
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