Corona Save The Beach, Italy: Bizzare Hotel

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Bizzare hotels
Das Parkhotel, Austria – hotel made of drain/sewer pipes
It is more the project than accommodation which has „pay as you wish“ policy. It is up to customer, if he wants to pay for the accommodation and support this project. It belongs to german company GAFÖG which provides services in the labor market and it is revolution in hotel service.
Corona Save The Beach, Italy – hotel made of trash
This hotel is temporary and it is situated on the banks of the Tiber river in Rome. It it also more project than regular type of accommodation which tries to warn people and bring attention to the Europe’s beaches with trash.
Seaventures Dive Resort, Malaysia – hotel made of oil platform
The reason why this hotel was built was to accommodate
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This hotel provides more types of accommodation such as glass igloos, kelo-glass igloos, log cabins, snow igloos, queen suites, wedding chambers, traditional house, sivakka, Santa’s home or Gold Digger’s cabin. All of these type of accommodation are really experience itself. Guests can enjoy aurora from warmth of their cottage, they can try snow igloo with 6 – 3 minus degrees temperature inside or visit the „Santa’s“ home.

Crazy Hotels
Standart Hotels, USA
In the pursuit of popularity sometimes appears really crazy marketing strategies that can be considered as an absurdity. Standart Hotel is really standart. The building is quite routine but when people look up they can see toiletes through the invinsible glass and people using it. It is pretty crazy.

Luxurious Hotels
Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates
Burj Al Arab hotel is probably the most luxurious hotel in the world. It has 7 stars. It is located in United Arab Emirates, Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road. The construction of this hotel started in 1994 and it was finished in 1999. It cost USD $ 650
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Hotel Burj Al Arab is the part of Jumeirah Group. In 2013 Jumeirah Group has noted that the revenues and earnings has raised. The main source is the United Kingdom and Russia.
Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort, Asia
The Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is not just specific hotel but holding. It was founded by Ho Kwon Ping and his wife Claire Chiang. Its hotels (36) are all over the world especially in Asia, e. g. South Korea, Vietnam, China, Indonesia or Mexico and are exlusive in the combination of nature, spa and wellness. The first hotel started in 1994. The Banyan tree is a leader in Asia in the hotel industry field and now is spreading all over the world. The Banyan Tree consist of hotels, resort, spas, residences, retail outlets and museum shops.
The reason why this holding is named after Banyan Tree is because this asian tropical tree is acknowledged for it strenght and beauty. It is kind of like a shrine and that is what the founders wanted this hotels and resort to be. The hotels are always adapted to the nature and culture. It is made from sustainable sources which makes it very

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