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Bl. Pier Frassati was born on April 6, 1901. He lived in Turin, Italy. Pier gave away medicine to help cure illnesses and gave away all he had. He was popular because he was so kind and non-hesitant to give. These next paragraphs are about Bl. Pier Frassati’s life.
At an early age Bl.Pier got permission to receive communion daily , this was rare at the time. Fueled by the Eucharist he developed an early spiritual life. At age 17 Pier joined the St. Vincent de Paul Society , so he help the poor and needy. After World War 1 he helped the demobilized by escorting them home or wherever they wanted to go.
When he was in collage Pier decided to become a mining engineer to “ serve Christ better among the miners.” But then he realized this was not the call for him. Frassati had little but gave much. He sometimes gave away so much he did not have enough money for his train fare and either had to ride in third class or run home. He sometimes gave up vacations and went to a summer home to work there. Mountain climbing was his favorite sport . He sometimes climbed up a mountain with his friends and raced them down on skis so they could get to Mass , Pier usually won.
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He liked poetry so much he could quote entire passages from the Theological poet, Dante. He was very anti-fascist and never hid his political beliefs. Girolamo Savonarola was Pier 's favorite person and when he joined the lay Dominicans he chose that name, Girolamo. Sadly Pier died of polio on July 4th, 1925.
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati’s greatest accomplishment was organizing the first Convention of Pax Romana. He is remembered for being a good friend and being close to God. He is important because he was the perfect role model Pier said this quote encouraging us to take
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