Black American Dream Analysis

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The reporter of this story attended Sean Combs 46th Birthday party in New York City. This story highlighted different aspects of the birthday party, but mainly it gives a glimpse of what Brandon Harris calls the “Black American Dream”. This article also serves as kind of an advertisement for Puff Daddy’s new album. Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs is an example of musical artists that grew up in poverty and made it into the one percent, the typical rags to riches story. Also you see all the things that money has allowed for Sean Combs to become a producer and provide the best things for his kids.
The source in this article is Sean Combs, who is providing plenty of information to the author of this article about his “Black American Dream”. We know
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We see that throughout this article Sean Combs provides points that support the fact that he is persuading the audience. He is showing off this extravagant lifestyle like gold Champaign bottles and fancy cars, while also promoting his recently released album. You can also look at the last sentence of the article to determine if he is trying to persuade you. "I 'm not going to let you sit in these silky seats and think that that 's regular. It 's not regular.” this is similar to sale pitch to persuade the readers according to McManus (McManus 9). Also you have to worry about the issue of transparency. There is an underlying message in this article you see some press going towards Sean Combs recently dropped album. Also in the article there is link to the sound cloud of the album. It’s highly unlikely that fairness is being practiced in this article because this article is mainly one sided, so only one side is being represented in this article. In this article there is plenty of evidence that supports the claim the Sean Combs makes about how he represents the black American dream. For example the description of how Sean Combs is dressed for the party. “His untied, white leather sneakers had gold zippers on each side, and he wore two large gold chains above his white shirt, medallions attached to each” (Harris, 2015, para. 1). The average person isn’t dressing with two large gold…show more content…
This article falls under the category of Dramatized News. This article is giving off details about the lavish lifestyle that Sean Combs lives. With the explanation of the strong details about the golden champagne bottles at the birthday party (Harris, 2015, para. 1). This article doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of sensational journalism. The author doesn’t go out of his way to make the article seem exaggerated just to pull in the attention of the public. However, the title of this article does catch the attention of the audience I Went to Puff Daddy’s Birthday Party and Glimpsed His “Black American Dream “does have a nice ring to it. The aspect of newsworthiness that this article portrays the most is prominence. Prominence deals with news that deals with famous people. So in this article you can tell from the title that the article was going to be about Sean Comb, who is a celebrity. You get an exclusive look into the life of one of the wealthiest African American musician in the United States. So with that being said, more people are more interested and more likely to read this article because it deals with a very well-known

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