Black And Blue Rhetorical Analysis

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Wherever you may go often you will see advertisement. It may come in many different forms such as a poster on a telephone pole telling someone about a yard sell. Perhaps a bench ad or a television commercial. On a milk carton or box of cereal, whatever the form it’s all around us. Have you ever thought, what is the point of the advertisement? Maybe it was to get you to buy something, or just to inform you about a particular topic. This is my final question have you truly broken down the ads that’s in front of you. This paper will focus on the Rhetorical strategy used by the Public announcement “Why is it hard to see Black and Blue” that was posted on twitter by the Salvation Army, and covered by Time magazine. The announcement is in the form of a picture with text, and it depicts a woman

Let’s begin with a little back ground information. “The Salvation Army is an organization created in the year of 1865 by William Booth”. The salvation is a charity organization that helps families in need, the homeless, woman children in abusive situations etc. stated in their history home page at (http://salvationarmyusa.org/usn/history-of-the-salvation-ar). Moving on …show more content…

They achieve this affect by showing a woman whose body, which has multiple bruises. The bruises stand out because of her pale skin yet beautiful figure in the dress. If a person was scrolling down there twitter page and saw this public announcement, it would captivate the on looker with amazement. Just looking at this picture creates a feeling of guilt, and anger. The guilt derives from the thought of how could I be blind as to what might be going on around me. This could be their mother, sister or grandmother and nothing is being done creating the feeling of anger with ourselves for not acting. It effectively appeals to our emotions weather we want it to or

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